James Cameron, Zoe Saldaña, Alan Bergman, Peter Jackson The following are some examples of how to get started: Avatar: The Way You can also find out more about the following: Water The cast and crew are also included. Hollywood Paying tribute Jon Landau, who died Friday At 63.

Landau It is a OscarMost known for his collaborations, he is a Grammy Award-winning producer. Cameron On blockbuster movies including Titanic Then, there is the Avatar franchise. His Included in the other credits Alita: Battle Angel, Solaris The following are some examples of how to get started: HoneyI Shrunk The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Kids.

Cameron In a statement, he remembered his longtime friendship. The Hollywood Reporter, writing, “A great producer and a great human being has left us. Jon Landau believed in the dream of cinema. He believed that film is the ultimate human art form, and to make films you have to first be human yourself. He will be remembered as much for his vast generosity of spirit as for the movies themselves.”

“I worked with Jon Landau for 31 years and I never saw him downcast once,” The filmmaker added. “He led with a balance of humor and fierce will, and true joy in the work. When I met him, he was the studio ‘suit’ assigned to oversee True Lies in ’93.  In the midst of the logistical nightmare of that production we came to respect and enjoy each other. A bond forged in fire. I lured him away from Fox to join my production company, Lightstorm and together we then tackled Titanic, a production as ambitious and seemingly ill-fated as the ship itself. Jon bore the brunt of the studio pressure and gave his all to provide the time and resources for me to make the film I saw in my head. From that we became brothers in arms. We believed we could solve any production problem. The next mountain we climbed was Avatar, a production that more resembled the Manhattan Project… making up new physics as we went along. Mastering a brand new methodology to tell stories. Again Jon gave his all, and never lost faith that we were doing something extraordinary and that we would somehow prevail. In the process we not only made a film, we forged a family. Jon was the heart of the Avatar family, with his humor, generosity and enormous capacity to make people feel valued and ‘seen.’ He gave everyone a sense of purpose and belonging. And this continued through the making of the sequels. It is impossible to convey how much our tight knit group will miss this man, this force of nature… the center of gravity of our little bubble universe. Jon created a community, a family, on Avatar and at Lightstorm, but not at the expense of his own family, who were always his highest priority.”

Cameron Continued his heartfelt tribute “Jon was my right hand and I was his. In recent years we became a trapeze act…  total interdependence, total trust, total synchronization. We became not only the closest of working partners, but the closest of friends. My last message to him was not only that I loved him but that I missed our daily dialogue. We would talk twenty times a day, usually in his office which he placed strategically between mine and the set. Solving every problem that came along. Jon had the strength to tell me when I was wrong, and I learned over the years to trust that he was right. Jon loved his work, and loved the people around him, the amazing team he had built. Every day was joyful battle, against entropy — the chaos that threatens to unravel every human endeavor. The center always held, under Jon’s watchful eye. We fought through the pandemic together to deliver Avatar: The Way of Water. Together, we thought we could solve anything. But you can’t solve the fragility of life itself.  I am grateful for every year, every day, every minute we had together. I am grateful for the belief he had in me and what his partnership allowed us to accomplish together. A part of myself has been torn away. But the amazing team he assembled and led still remains, and we will dedicate ourselves to fulfilling Jon’s legacy. Not just the films yet to come, but the love and connection that binds the Avatar and Lightstorm family together.”

Saldaña, who starred in 2009’s Avatar The year 2022 Avatar: The Way You can also find out more about the following: WaterAlso, wrote In a tribute to Instagram Following the news of his passing, “Words are hard to put together right now, your passing is hitting really hard. You are leaving us too soon, my thoughts are with you and your family right now. Your wisdom and support shaped so many of us in ways we will always be grateful for. The memories we shared together will always hold a special place in my heart. Your legacy will continue to inspire us and guide us in our journey. Rest in peace, dear Jon. You will be deeply missed.”

Alan Bergman, co-chairman Disney EntertainmentShared in a press release “Jon was a visionary whose extraordinary talent and passion brought some of the most unforgettable stories to life on the big screen. His remarkable contributions to the film industry have left an indelible mark, and he will be profoundly missed. He was an iconic and successful producer yet an even better person and a true force of nature who inspired all around him.”

Lord You can also check out the Rings Director Peter Jackson Writers of screenplays Fran Walsh, whose digital visual effects and animation company Wētā FX worked with Landau On the Avatar Films, as well as remembered the producer in an official statement shared by THR.

“We speak for the entire Wētā FX team when we say we are devastated by the loss of Jon Landau,” They wrote. “Jon was not only a monumental figure in the film industry but also a cherished collaborator and friend. Jon brought unparalleled passion to the projects he worked on and his influence will continue to inspire for years to come. Our deepest condolences are with Jon’s family and loved ones, as well as Jim and the Lightstorm Entertainment team.

Joe LetteriWho won the Best Achievement in Visual Effects? Oscar His work on Avatar The following are some examples of how to get started: Avatar: The Way You can also find out more about the following: WaterA tribute to LandauWriting a statement “I am heartbroken at the loss of our friend Jon Landau. He was an amazing and generous man, and a world-class film maker who leaves a legacy that will last for generations. On behalf of all of us at Wētā FX, it was an honor to work beside him. His dedication to the art of film making inspired us every day. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

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